Who owns most ethereum?

The top 10 owners of grayscale ethereum trust (eth) stock account for the majority of ethereum ownership. Parkwood llc is the largest owner, with a 0.26% stake in the trust and 790,000 shares owned. Rye brook capital llc is the second largest owner, with a 0.10% stake and 304,200 shares owned. Rothschild investment corp. is the third largest owner, with a 0.08% stake and 250,574 shares owned. Benedetti & Gucer, Inc. is the fourth largest owner, with a 0.02% stake and 70,491 shares owned.

The remaining six top 10 owners of grayscale ethereum trust (eth) stock are: iht wealth management llc (0.02%, 70,491 shares owned), kornitzer capital management inc. (0.02%, 70,491 shares owned), menta capital llc (0.02%, 70,491 shares owned), ubs financial services inc. (0.02%, 70,491 shares owned), d. E. Shaw & co. Lp (0.01%, 35,246 shares owned), and global x management co. LLC (0.01%, 35,246 shares owned).

In total, these 10 owners account for 0.63% of the total shares of grayscale ethereum trust (eth). This means that the majority of ethereum ownership is held by other investors, including individual investors, institutional investors, and venture capitalists.

It is important to note that grayscale ethereum trust (eth) is a publicly traded trust, meaning that anyone can purchase shares in the trust. Therefore, the ownership of ethereum is constantly changing as new investors enter the market and existing investors sell their shares. As such, the top 10 owners of grayscale ethereum trust (eth) stock may not always remain the same.

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